Turn Up the Sweet with these Recipes

The Loaded Greek Get Recipe
Load up on flavor! Try Lamb Weston® Sweet Things® fries topped with marinated grass-fed ground lamb covered in pickled red onion slices, tomatoes, feta cheese and Tzatziki sauce.
Sweet Pickins Get Recipe
Do breakfast all day with Lamb Weston® Sweet Things® crispy cubes topped with edamame, red bell peppers, watermelon radishes, fried eggs, baby kale, fried wonton strips and drizzled Gochujang Aioli.
Sweet Potato Chicken Tinga Get Recipe
Put a colorful spin on this perfectly spiced veggie chicken tinga with Lamb Weston Sweet Things® fries, avocado, panella cheese and crispy poblano.
Sweet Potato Pork Carnitas Get Recipe
Sweet meets heat! Spicy pork carnitas with pickled jalapeños, red onion and Lamb Weston Sweet Things® fries topped with Cotija cheese, roasted tomatillo, serrano and cilantro sauce, crispy jalapeño and lime wedges.
Sweet Potato Beef Barbacoa Get Recipe
Spicy barbecue flank steak tossed with Lamb Weston Sweet Things® fries, fire-grilled peppers, red onion and radishes – then topped with red chile, roasted tomatillo sauce and cilantro.
Sweet Potato Thai Coconut Curry Get Recipe
This curry’s got kick. Curried chicken, bell pepper, onion, coconut, wasabi peas and green onion combine with coconut curry sauce and Lamb Weston Sweet Things® for a fun, flavorful twist.