Poblano Spudz Pileup

Ground Beef, Pepper Jack Cheese,
Poblano Cream Sauce, Jalapeños, Avocados & Cilantro
Item #P39

African Sweet and Spicy Fries

African Sweet and Spicy Fries
Ice Cream, Chocolate Ganache, Sea Salt
Caramel Sauces & Maraschino Cherry
Item #L0100

Think globally, appeal locally

Want to increase your appeal to local patrons? Expand your worldview! With regional cuisines from across the globe gaining in popularity, like Oaxacan (“wa-HA-kan”), adding regional flavors and more gourmet ingredients into your menu items can be a big draw to local customers.1

1 Flavor Consumer Trend Report, Technomic, Inc.,2015

Rainbow Veggies

Baby Carrots, Peas & Asparagus
Item #M0011

Rio Grande Breakfast Fiesta

Rio Grande Breakfast Fiesta
Eggs, Chorizo, Mexican 4-Cheese Blend,
Salsa, Sour Cream & Cilantro
Item #H30

Emerging Flavor: Guajillo

It's pronounced “gwa-HEE-yo”, but you can call it delicious! Guajillo peppers are just beginning to pop up on menus around the country, adding unique Mexican flair to traditional favorites.2

2 Datassential MenuTrends, 2016

Peruvian Lomo Saltado Mashed

Steak, Onions & Tomatoes
Item #M24

Guajillo Orange Chicken Chips

Guajillo Orange Chicken Chips
Chicken, Bell Peppers, Orange Guajillo Sauce
& Lime Crema Dip
Item #H3031

66% of consumers

are more inclined now to try ethnic flavors & cuisines than just one year ago.Gourmet offerings at affordable prices are on the rise as casual eateries run by top chefs continue to crop up.3

3 Flavor Consumer Trend Report, Technomic, Inc.