History of Lamb Weston

Lamb Weston is a major supplier of frozen potato products world wide to restaurants and consumers. We have a history of rapid growth, which will continue through innovative technical advancements, exciting product developments and by continuously improving every aspect of our production process to assure efficiency, product consistency and quality.


Lamb Weston was originally incorporated in 1950 when founder F. Gilbert Lamb, an established vegetable producer, purchased a co-op plant in Weston, Oregon.


Lamb Weston invented and patented the Lamb's Water Gun Knife®. "Gib" Lamb's invention was the first device to slice french fries in a high-velocity water flow, an idea that is now the industry standard world wide. But this was only the first of the company's many advanced proprietary slicing and processing systems.


Lamb Weston designed the sophisticated Automatic Defect Removal System, which improved product quality and increased operator profits by eliminating blemishes from product on high-speed production lines.


To support its growth into the appetizer category, Lamb Weston completed an 85,000-square-foot expansion of its potato processing plant in Pasco, WA. Two new state-of-the-art production lines for making potato- and onion-based appetizers were added to the facility.


The company ventured beyond the traditional straight-cut fry and introduced Twister® Fries, a fun-to-eat curly shape that gave operators another profitable, value-added menu item to complement their existing french-fry offering.


Lamb Weston developed CrissCut® Fries, a unique specialty cut with outstanding plate coverage and higher profit potential.


French fries get elevated to an even higher level with LW Private Reserve®, an upscale line of premium potato products that are cut with the skin on for a made-from-scratch taste and appeal.


Lamb Weston also began offering Lamb's Supreme® Mashed Potatoes. Unlike dehydrated products that require mixing and the addition of other ingredients, Lamb's Supreme® Mashed Potatoes are real, made-from-scratch mashed potatoes that are lightly seasoned and frozen in portion controlled pouches to save operators time and labour without sacrificing flavour and quality.


Lamb Weston introduced Munchers®, a completely new line of potato-based finger-foods that combine real cheddar cheese or cream cheese with mozzarella cheese, finely diced potatoes, a variety of peppers and select seasonings. Munchers® are perfect as a unique side dish, appetizer, or snack.


Generation 7® Fries was launched... a better tasting, better performing and more profitable french fry that delivers unbeatable taste and texture from the oven or fryer - with up to 50% faster preparation times and significantly higher yields than conventional fries.


Setting the stage for a memorable dining experience, Lamb Weston launched several innovative additions to the Tantalizers line. Tantalizers World Rings are gourmet breaded, flavoured onion rings made with a proprietary system that infuses each ring with a unique, international taste accent. Available in four popular ethnic flavour profiles – Island Breeze, Tandoori Spice, Baja Lime and Steakhouse Peppercorn – World Rings can add a show-stopping difference to an operator's appetizer and side dish menus.

In addition, four new Stuffed Spudz flavour combinations – Broccoli & Cheese, Chipotle Cheddar, Country Biscuit & Gravy and Fully Loaded Potato – joined the popular Southwestern Cheddar and Cheddar Cheese flavours. Stuffed with bold combinations of diced potatoes, tangy cheeses, select vegetables and just the right amount of savoury seasonings, these four new flavours are suitable for a simple starter or a sensational side order.


In the European market, Lamb Weston purchased two plants in Holland, and partnered with Meijer Frozen Foods, experts in potato research and European market distribution. This division is currently known as Lamb Weston/Meijer.


Lamb Weston was acquired by ConAgra, Inc. and Golden Valley Microwave Foods, Inc.,furthering the company's quest to become a world leader in frozen potato products.


A series of acquisitions in the 90's resulted in a rapid rate of expansion for Lamb Weston, but none bigger than the purchase of Universal Frozen Foods in 1994. The purchase added two new Pacific Northwest plants and officially made Lamb Weston the premier and most advanced processor of frozen potato products in the world.


Lamb Weston effectively entered the Asian market when it purchased Viking International, an American company with strong Asian export ties, now operating under the name Lamb Weston, Asia, Ltd.


Lamb Weston established an International Development Center in Boise, Idaho and expanded into Turkey with a joint venture that formed Lamb Weston/Dogus.


Lamb Weston/Meijer expanded its Kruiningen, Holland factory, making it one of the largest potato processing facilities in the world

Lamb Weston began selling product out of a new, state-of-the-art processing plant in Taber, Alberta, Canada- one of the best potato growing regions in North America. The Lamb Weston/Meijer expansion with sales offices in nine countries and expanding production capabilities world wide, Lamb Weston is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demand for innovative, high quality products on a global scale.


Lamb Weston's rapid and consistent growth is a result of our innovative technical advancements, new product development, and superior performance. As a major supplier of potato products of over 100 skus in Canada and thousands worldwide to restaurants and consumers throughout the world, our international presence continues to expand.